Experience of use Exodermin

Experience using Exodermin Francesco cream from Milan

Fungal lesion

I am a big packer and I have visited many places in Italy. Until recently, I had no idea how much trouble this hobby would cause. During one of the walks, I noticed that my legs started sweating more, and a strong unpleasant smell appeared. At first I attributed it to the heat (it was summer), but then my fingers turned red, cracks and watery bubbles appeared. Everything was very itchy, so much so that it became impossible to sleep. I was already starting to think it was time to finish and get home.

As I found out about Exodermin

My experience with Exodermin

During one of the stops, I crossed paths with my friends and complained about the problems, he showed me a photo. Friends said it was very similar to the fungus and brought me Exodermin cream, there was an instruction with indications for use and I saw a few of my symptoms. Later I went to the official website of the manufacturer, looked at the review of the components (I liked that they were only natural ingredients), read the user reviews and expert reviews and decided to give it a try. Do not convey what kind of relief occurred after the first day of application (in the section "How to use" it was said that it should be lubricated 2 times a day). In a week, I forgot about the unpleasant symptoms, but I continued with the treatment. And your journey.


It is not always possible to consult a doctor on the road, it is good that there is a tool that can solve the problem quickly and efficiently. It's been a few months, I've been home for a long time, but there are no traces of fungus, my legs are in perfect order. So now I recommend Exodermin to everyone - a reliable companion.