Reviews Exodermin

  • Mariana
    I have sensitive skin on my feet, then I got a fungus somewhere and the situation got worse, my feet were in a terrible condition. Exodermin cream in two weeks freed me from cracks, dry skin and unpleasant odor. Heels like a child!
  • Jennifer
    I often go to the pool, it happens that a fungus appears. I have tried many treatments. Exodermin cream proved to be the most effective, it saved me from problems in three days! A wonderful medicine.
  • Bianca
    My husband's legs were sweating terribly and his feet were cracked, but he didn't want to go to the doctor. I bought him Exodermin cream and after two weeks the situation improved. We decided to continue the treatment.
  • Alexandru
    In the morning I run into the woods near my house, every time my feet are wet with sweat or dew. A fungus appeared, it was a shame to take off my shoes in front of the girl. Exodermin from natural ingredients cured me, the itching disappeared, the unpleasant smell. Here it is - the power of nature!
  • Vasile
    I had been suffering from fungus for a long time, my feet looked like dirty soles, they just smelled awful. He was treated with various means, but the fungus returned. Only Exodermin helped completely. I have been using it for 4 months and have not had any problems for half a year now.
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